Called Chris by my parents, but you can call this "fly guy," Seth Brundle. I’m a Morehouse College alum, who is a private chef, lifestyle content creator and a television personality and host. With more than 15 years of experience, I’ve worked with some of the industry's most prominent networks, entertainers, artists, designers publications.

A Los Angeles native, my career began as a celebrity wardrobe stylist working with some of entertainment's most well-known artists including Faith Evans, Amber Riley and Teyana Taylor. My success garnered the position as fashion director for three L.A. based magazines including New Culture Society. 

As my passions evolved, bringing my love for cooking and working in front of the camera was inevitable. To date I’ve worked on a laundry list of digital and television series. Most notably I created, wrote, executive produced, and hosted AspireTV's Butter + Brown (along with the network's mini-series Big Screen Small Bites) and am currently hosting Buzzfeed's Seasoned. I continue to host and develop additional digital and network lifestyle series.



In early 2020, while contending with a worldwide pandemic, I grabbed a $14 cell phone tripod and started conducting live cooking demonstrations as a way to connect with the friends and family that I desperately missed. The overwhelming reception of the demo, along with the joy that came with doing what I loved led to my producing, "Live at 5," a weekly cooking demonstration on Instagram Live.

Quarantine really inspired me to think outside of the box as Live at 5 grew legs and became something bigger. Its success led to opportunities to conduct virtual cooking demos for various companies including, Chicken of the Sea and Hearst Media. As knowledge of my work spread, that snowballed and I was tapped to host the virtual afterparty for Coming 2 America with Amazon Studios and Little Cinema.

As I was trying to think even more outside of the box with what I want to do in the culinary space, I kept thinking of frequently asked questions like, “Seth, when am I going to be able to taste your food?” Given the trials of the past year, I couldn't conceive of it, but after much consideration and planning, I have decided that there is no better time than now for The SZNG, my inaugural restaurant styled pop-up!

The SZNG will take place Labor Day Weekend -- September 6th from 12-8pm! 

The name, The SZNG, is a celebration of Black people’s contribution to American cuisine, popular culture and vernacular with the way it’s stylized and our inclination to formalize pronouns. The theme is quarantine comfort and will feature a few of the most popular menu items I shared on social media and other cooking demonstrations including my garlic crab noodles and crispy smashed potatoes with potato salad aioli. The venue is as huge as it is beautiful. There will music and drinks to go along with the amazing food. 

I have poured much time and love into planning and producing this event, which has me both nervous and excited. To ensure that this is a memorable event for family, friends and the community, I've assembled an expert team of chefs to assist in preparing the most deliciously elevated comfort dishes guaranteed to tantalize and expand your palate!

I'm excited to see and feed everyone on the 6th!